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This article serves as a log of functional changes to OpenLongTrails projects. It is meant to be more granular than the What's New on OpenLongTrails list.

The OpenLongTrails Changelog should not he confused with the LongTrailsWiki Recent Changes page.

Date Project Change
2021-07-01 OLT OpenLongTrails in on Trello!
2021-06-30 OLT OpenLongTrails is on Slack!
2021-06-28 LTW LTW can now display Mediawiki Commons images via [[File:]] links
2021-06-27 LTW Automatic unit conversion, such as US to metric, are now available via the Convert Template.
2021-06-27 LTW Infoboxes are now available on LongTrailsWiki
2021-06-25 OLT Created the [Participating in OpenLongTrails FAQ]
2021-06-24 LTW+LTM Added Germany's Rheinsteig to the Wiki and the Map
2021-06-21 OLT Create the r/OpenLongTrails subreddit