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This is a list of trails that have not yet been reviewed, or have been only partially reviewed, to determine whether they fit the OpenLongTrails Long Trails Criteria for inclusion in the project.

Have any trails that you think should be part of the project? Please add them here!

Trails that have been evaluated and are not appropriate for OpenLongTrails are on the list of Trails Not Included in OpenLongTrails.

To Do

These trail have been reviewed and determined to meet the criteria to be add to OpenLongTrails. The first steps are to create a LTW article and add it to the List of Long Trails.


Items in queue have been flagged as likely to fit the OpenLongTrails Long Trails Criteria, please join the community to help LongTrailsWiki confirm or reject trails.

Trail Name Length Criteria
Great Western Loop 11,064 km (6,875 mi) Rule 3
Camino Frances 800 km (497 mi) Rules 2,4,5
Great Ocean Walk (Australia) 104 km (65 mi) Rules 2,4,5

Unreviewed Suggestions

Items here should be reviewed and organized into the List of Long Trails or, if you are not certain a trail meets all the OpenLongTrails Long Trails Criteria, added into the queue above for further community review. Create an account to add to the list.