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List of significant feature updates to OpenLongTrails projects.

For a more granular list, see the OpenLongTrails Changelog.

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Date Project What's New
2021-07-02 LTW LTW has a new logo. Thank you, Calvin Weibel!
2021-07-01 OLT OLT is on Trello!
2021-06-30 OLT OpenLongTrails is on Slack!
2021-06-27 LTW Imported Infobox and Hiking Trail Infobox templates from Wikipedia.org.
2021-06-25 LTW Created Participating in OpenLongTrails FAQ
2021-06-25 LTW Added Sweden's High Coast Trail
2021-06-24 LTM + LTW Added Germany's Rheinsteig trail to LTW and LTM.
2021-06-24 LTW Added the Namparang Trail to LongTrailsWiki.
2021-06-23 LTW Added km values to the 'Length' column for all trails on the List of Long Trails.
2021-06-22 LTW Corrected sort order from alphabetical to numeric on List of Long Trails "Length" column.
2021-06-21 OLT OpenLongTrails.org is live!
2021-06-20 LTM Added the Colorado Trail to LongTrailsMap.net.
2021-06-18 LTM Pacific Crest Trail Map: Improved accuracy of mileage values.