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List of significant feature updates to OpenLongTrails projects.

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Date Project What's New
2021-09-30 LTM Updated the North Country Trail to show the Finger Lakes Trail section, Buckeye Trail section, and Superior Hiking Trail section.
2021-10-11 LTM Added the Finger Lakes Trail in New York. This completes the New York section of the North Country Trail, and connects the Long Path, the Pennsylvania Mid State Trail, the Bruce Trail, and the Baker Trail.
2021-09-30 LTM Added the Allegheny Trail.
2021-09-25 LTM Added New Hampshire's Cohos Trail.
2021-07-02 LTW LTW has a new logo. Thank you, Calvin Weibel!
2021-07-01 OLT OLT is on Trello.
2021-06-30 OLT OpenLongTrails is on Slack.
2021-06-27 LTW Imported Infobox and Hiking Trail Infobox templates from Wikipedia.org.
2021-06-25 LTW Created Participating in OpenLongTrails FAQ.
2021-06-25 LTW Added Sweden's High Coast Trail.
2021-06-24 LTM + LTW Added Germany's Rheinsteig trail to LTW and LTM.
2021-06-24 LTW Added the Namparang Trail to LongTrailsWiki.
2021-06-23 LTW Added km values to the 'Length' column for all trails on the List of Long Trails.
2021-06-22 LTW Corrected sort order from alphabetical to numeric on List of Long Trails "Length" column.
2021-06-21 OLT OpenLongTrails.org is live.
2021-06-20 LTM Added the Colorado Trail to LongTrailsMap.net.
2021-06-18 LTM Pacific Crest Trail Map: Improved accuracy of mileage values.