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Locations along the Pacific Crest Trail that provide options to resupply.

Distances are approximate. Click a column heading to change the sort order. Click the 'Nobo Distance' column heading twice to sort sobo, from Canada to Mexico.

Location Name Nobo Distance (mi / km) Section State Link
Campo, California 0.0 mi (0.0 km) Desert California Link
Lake Morena Park 20.0 mi (32.2 km) Desert California Link
Oak Shores Malt Shop 20.0 mi (32.2 km) Desert California Link
Mount Laguna, California 42.8 mi (68.9 km) Desert California Link
Julian, California 77.0 mi (123.9 km) Desert California Link
Stagecoach Trails RV Park 77.0 mi (123.9 km) Desert California Link
Warner Springs, California 109.5 mi (176.2 km) Desert California Link
Paradise Valley Cafe 151.9 mi (244.5 km) Desert California Link
Anza, California 152.0 mi (244.6 km) Desert California Link
Idyllwild, California 179.4 mi (288.7 km) Desert California Link
Cabazon, California and Morongo Nation 210.0 mi (338.0 km) Desert California Link
Big Bear City, California 266.0 mi (428.1 km) Desert California Link
Big Bear Lake, California 266.0 mi (428.1 km) Desert California Link
Cajon Junction, California 342.0 mi (550.4 km) Desert California Link
Cajon Pass 342.0 mi (550.4 km) Desert California Link
Wrightwood, California 364.0 mi (585.8 km) Desert California Link
Acton, California 444.2 mi (714.9 km) Desert California Link
Agua Dulce, California 454.5 mi (731.4 km) Desert California Link
Green Valley, California 478.2 mi (769.6 km) Desert California Link
Hikertown 517.6 mi (833.0 km) Desert California Link
Wee Vill Market 517.6 mi (833.0 km) Desert California
Mojave, California 566.5 mi (911.7 km) Desert California Link
Tehachapi, California 566.5 mi (911.7 km) Sierra California Link
Inyokern, California 652.0 mi (1,049.3 km) Sierra California Link
Kernville, California 652.0 mi (1,049.3 km) Sierra California
Lake Isabella, California 652.0 mi (1,049.3 km) Sierra California Link
Onyx, California 652.0 mi (1,049.3 km) Sierra California Link
Ridgecrest, California 652.0 mi (1,049.3 km) Sierra California Link
Kennedy Meadows, California 702.0 mi (1,129.8 km) Sierra California Link
Lone Pine, California 745.3 mi (1,199.4 km) Sierra California Link
Independence, California 788.9 mi (1,269.6 km) Sierra California Link
Bishop, California 831.0 mi (1,337.4 km) Sierra California Link
Muir Trail Ranch 857.7 mi (1,380.3 km) Sierra California Link
Vermilion Valley Resort 878.7 mi (1,414.1 km) Sierra California Link
Mammoth Lakes, California 903.0 mi (1,453.2 km) Sierra California Link
Red's Meadow Resort and Pack Station 906.7 mi (1,459.2 km) Sierra California Link
Lee Vining, California 942.0 mi (1,516.0 km) Sierra California Link
Tuolumne Meadows 942.5 mi (1,516.8 km) Sierra California Link
Yosemite Valley 942.5 mi (1,516.8 km) Sierra California Link
Bridgeport, California 1,016.9 mi (1,636.5 km) Sierra California Link
Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station 1,018.0 mi (1,638.3 km) Sierra California Link
Markleeville, California 1,079.0 mi (1,736.5 km) NorCal California Link
Echo Chalet 1,092.3 mi (1,757.9 km) NorCal California Link
Echo Lake, California 1,092.3 mi (1,757.9 km) NorCal California Link
South Lake Tahoe, California 1,092.3 mi (1,757.9 km) NorCal California Link
Tahoe City, California 1,127.0 mi (1,813.7 km) NorCal California Link
Soda Springs, California 1,156.0 mi (1,860.4 km) NorCal California Link
Donner Ski Ranch 1,157.1 mi (1,862.2 km) NorCal California
Truckee, California 1,157.1 mi (1,862.2 km) NorCal California Link
Sierra City, California 1,195.4 mi (1,923.8 km) NorCal California Link
Graeagle, California 1,220.0 mi (1,963.4 km) NorCal California Link
Bucks Lake, California 1,263.5 mi (2,033.4 km) NorCal California Link
Quincy, California 1,270.0 mi (2,043.9 km) NorCal California Link
Belden, California 1,286.9 mi (2,071.1 km) NorCal California Link
Chester, California 1,331.3 mi (2,142.5 km) NorCal California Link
Drakesbad Guest Ranch 1,350.1 mi (2,172.8 km) NorCal California Link
Old Station, California 1,373.4 mi (2,210.3 km) NorCal California Link
Burney Mountain Guest Ranch -- Closed 1,407.0 mi (2,264.3 km) NorCal California Link
Burney, California 1,411.3 mi (2,271.3 km) NorCal California Link
Burney Falls State Park 1,419.0 mi (2,283.7 km) NorCal California Link
Castella, California 1,501.1 mi (2,415.8 km) NorCal California Link
Dunsmuir, California 1,501.1 mi (2,415.8 km) NorCal California Link
Mount Shasta, California 1,501.1 mi (2,415.8 km) NorCal California Link
Etna, California 1,599.7 mi (2,574.5 km) NorCal California Link
Seiad Valley, California 1,655.9 mi (2,664.9 km) NorCal California Link
Callahan's Lodge 1,718.9 mi (2,766.3 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Ashland, Oregon 1,718.9 mi (2,766.3 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Hyatt Lake Resort 1,742.7 mi (2,804.6 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Fish Lake Resort 1,773.4 mi (2,854.0 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Lake of the Woods Resort 1,781.0 mi (2,866.2 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Mazama Village, Crater Lake National Park 1,820.9 mi (2,930.5 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Crater Lake National Park 1,830.0 mi (2,945.1 km) Oregon Oregon/ Link
Chemult, Oregon 1,847.8 mi (2,973.7 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Diamond Lake Resort 1,852.0 mi (2,980.5 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Shelter Cove Resort 1,906.6 mi (3,068.4 km) Oregon Oregon
Odell Lake Resort 1,912.0 mi (3,077.1 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Elk Lake Resort 1,952.6 mi (3,142.4 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Bend, Oregon 1,983.8 mi (3,192.6 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Sisters, Oregon 1,983.8 mi (3,192.6 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Big Lake Youth Camp 1,995.1 mi (3,210.8 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Olallie Lake Resort 2,045.6 mi (3,292.1 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Timberline Lodge 2,097.0 mi (3,374.8 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Government Camp, Oregon 2,102.0 mi (3,382.8 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Cascade Locks, Oregon 2,146.9 mi (3,455.1 km) Oregon Oregon Link
Hood River, Oregon 2,146.9 mi (3,455.1 km) Oregon Oregon
Sandy, Oregon 2,146.9 mi (3,455.1 km) Oregon Oregon
Portland, Oregon 2,146.9 mi (3,455.1 km) Oregon Oregon
Stevenson, Washington 2,148.0 mi (3,456.9 km) Washington Washington Link
Trout Lake, Washington 2,228.9 mi (3,587.1 km) Washington Washington Link
Packwood, Washington 2,294.9 mi (3,693.3 km) Washington Washington Link
White Pass Kracker Barrel 2,303.0 mi (3,706.3 km) Washington Washington Link
Snoqualmie Pass, Washington 2,393.2 mi (3,851.5 km) Washington Washington Link
The Summit at Snoqualmie 2,393.2 mi (3,851.5 km) Washington Washington
Leavenworth, Washington 2,464.1 mi (3,965.6 km) Washington Washington Link
Skykomish, Washington 2,464.1 mi (3,965.6 km) Washington Washington Link
Stevens Pass Ski Resort 2,464.1 mi (3,965.6 km) Washington Washington Link
Holden Village, Washington 2,553.3 mi (4,109.1 km) Washington Washington
Chelan, Washington 2,571.9 mi (4,139.1 km) Washington Washington
Stehekin, Washington 2,571.9 mi (4,139.1 km) Washington Washington Link
Mazama, Washington 2,591.1 mi (4,170.0 km) Washington Washington
Winthrop, Washington 2,591.1 mi (4,170.0 km) Washington Washington Link
Manning Park Resort 2,661.3 mi (4,282.9 km) Washington Canada Link

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