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The High Coast Trail (Swedish: Höga Kustenleden) is a 129 km (80.2 mile) long trail on the east coast of central Sweden.


Length: 129 km (80.2mi)

Standard direction(s) of travel: Nobo, although sobo is also easily possible

Season: Spring, summer, autumn, (winter)

Trail Association:

Permits and Regulations

  • Sweden has a right-to-roam. Campfire restrictions may be in place depending on the season.


Online Maps

Printed Maps

  • A small trail booklet with essential information is available. The maps are not very detailed.

Information Resources





  • The trail is clearly marked with large signposts and abundant orange blazes on rocks and trees in both directions.


The official guide book and website list 13 sections:

  1. Hornöberget - Lövvik (9.8km)
  2. Lövvik - Fjärdbotten (9.6km)
  3. Fjärdbotten - Gavik (12.8km)
  4. Gavik - Lappudden (11.5km)
  5. Lappudden - Ullånger (15km)
  6. Ullånger - Skoved (10.5km)
  7. Skoved - Skuleberget (6.8km)
  8. Skuleberget - Entré Syd (9.7km)
  9. Traversing Skuleskogens National Park (6.9km)
  10. Entré Nord - Köpmanholmen (7.0km)
  11. Köpmanholmen - Sandlågan (12.7km)
  12. Sandlågen - Svedjeholmen (11.6km)
  13. Svedjeholmen - Örnsköldsvik (4.7km)


  • All year round water is plentiful and safe to drink. The official trail guide lists reliable water sources.
  • A tap not mentioned in the guide is in the village of Gavik, at this location.


  • Weather depends strongly on the season.

Getting To and From the Trail

  • When walking the trail nobo, the trail head at Hornöberget can be reached by bus from the train station of Härnösand, stopping at the High Coast Bridge (bus stop Hornöberget E4). Walking sobo, the town of Örnsköldsvik has a train station a short walk from the trail head. The trail crosses the E4 motorway near Ullånger.


  • The trail crosses several towns and villages, however, apart from Örnsköldsvik these towns only have basic shops/supermarkets and it is unlikely that you will find hiking gear there (e.g., stove fuel canisters). Örnsköldsvik has an outdoor store with a reasonable selection; moreover, it houses a Fjällräven outlet store somewhat out of the city centre.

Geographic Features

  • Varied terrain ranging from large boulders to forest trails. In times of rainfall, sections can be very wet or muddy/marshy.

Administrative Territories

  • The trail traverses Skuleskogens National Park. Detailed national park trail maps are available at both entrances (Entré Syd, Entré Nord).

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