Pacific Crest Trail Resupply for Dietary Restrictions

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Resupply options on the Pacific Crest Trail for people with dietary restrictions of all kinds, including vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten free, and others.

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  • General store has a few options. A mile into town there is a bigger food spot with taco/sandwich type stuff.[1]

Lake Morena

  • The general store is a 15 minute walk from the campground. Lots of snacks, alcohol and junk food options. Also fries.[1]

Mount Laguna

  • Send a box!
  • Pine House Tavern offers vegan food, including but not limited to a veggie burger.[1]

Montezuma Valley Market

Warner Springs

  • Send a box. Had a great big pizza at the cafe at the golf course.[1]

Paradise Valley Cafe

  • They have a vegan burger. [3]


  • Vegan cafe: Plant Food Supper Club[3] -- Closed.
  • No need for box. Great natural food store, Sky Island Organics, with lots of vegan options. Free trail mix for hikers. Cafe in natural food store has vegan sandwiches, smoothies, etc.[1]
  • Natural food store is expensive. Has nice deli though. It's near a regular grocery store, post office, library and near a pizza place with pitchers of beer.[1]

Big Bear City & Big Bear Lake

  • Big Bear City: Probably send box unless going into Big Bear Lake.[1]
  • Big Bear Lake: Easy bus ride through town to grocery stores and Thai food. Mud says he had a free vegan grand slam at Denny's for veterans day breakfast. No need for box. Grocery store is good. Great Himalayan restaurant.[1]
  • "Broadway" cafe has good vegan breakfast burritos.[1]


  • The Wrightwood Farmers Market has many vegan options.[3]
  • Maybe send box. Grocery store is okay. Coffee shop will make vegan breakfast burrito. Pizza place will make vegan no-cheese pizza, another place made us a vegan veggie burger. Good veggie sushi and stuff at the asian american restaurant.[1]
  • Pizza place was great. Grocery is fine for basics.[1]

Acton KOA

  • Sobey's Grocery Store has many vegan options.[3]
  • Minimal snacks at the campground store. Microwave, sink, stove available in community room until 6pm.[1]

Agua Dulce

  • Big Mouth Pizza has vegan and gluten free options.[3]
  • Pretty good mexican food at the restaurant.[1]


  • No need to send box in Tehachapi, grocery store is good. Mojave also had a grocery store that didn't seem as great.[1]
  • The bakery had a good sandwich.[1]

Lake Isabella

  • No need for box. Pretty good grocery store. Vegetarian burrito available at Mexican Restaurant.[1]
  • Pizza was good at the place next to the grocery store. We subbed cashews for cheese.[1]

Lone Pine

  • Send box unless hitching to Bishop, grocery store may have ramen/oats but not much more. Restaurant options are mostly vegetarian friendly.[1]


  • Send box unless hitching to Bishop. Subway is okay, gas station has regular gas station stuff.[1]


  • The Mountain Rambler Brewery has a seitan Reuben.
  • No need for box. The grocery store was good and there were lots of vegan options in restaurants.[1]
  • Hostel has a great kitchen and is a mile from a major grocery store.[1]

Reds Meadow

  • The store here has some locally made vegan dehydrated backpacking food and other basic resupply if you don't want to get off trail.[1]

Mammoth Lakes

  • No need to send box. Good vegan options at Stellar Brew and other places.[1]
  • Plenty of options. They have a natural food store and a large grocery store.[1]

Tuolumne Meadows

  • Maybe send a box here, but the store has pretty good vegetarian options for a resupply. The restaurant had a great vegan bean burger. If you hitch down to yosemite valley there is a full grocery store that's expensive but workable.[1]

Sonora Pass / Kennedy Meadows North / Bridgeport

  • Send box to KMN for sure. Limited general store and restaurant has very limited vegan options, we made pasta with marinara and stayed at the campground. Bridgeport is slightly better but still send box. Limited grocery store and not much vegetarian food in town.[1]

Echo Lake

  • The camp store here has a few items. Send a box if possible, or hitch to South Lake Tahoe.[1]

South Lake Tahoe

  • Easy resupply at grocery store or natural food market. Excellent vegan pizza (with vegan cheese!) available at Lake Tahoe Pizza Co.[1]
  • Mellow Mountain hostel has a great kitchen facility, and a major grocery store is nearby. The Driftwood Cafe near the hostel has strong vegan brunch options.[1]


  • Good vegan resupply options. New Moon Natural Foods has lots of vegan options, and a smoothie bar.[1]

Sierra City Country Store

  • Send a box. The general store has some good general items (ramen, oats), some produce, and a deli sandwich. The restaurants were willing to accommodate us if we asked, but not much vegan food on the menus.[1]


  • Quincy has an excellent Co-op. Quincy was one of my favorite stops. As a vegan, I would prioritize going into Quincy for resupply, over Belden, Chester, etc.[1]

Belden & Little Haven

  • Send a box. The general store has some snacks but is pretty minimal. The restaurant was okay, and we had good potatoes and veggies for breakfast.[1]


  • The grocery store was a few blocks down, and plenty large for a good vegan resupply. There's a candy store and an excellent pizza place.[1]
  • Cravings has a soyrizo breakfast burrito.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch

  • No store but pretty good breakfast and lunch. Oatmeal and fruit was good for breakfast, lunch was tacos. Portions were decent but it was expensive for mashed potatos and veggies[1]

Old Station

  • Send a box. Bare minimum junk food resupply at the gas station here. We ate Campbells soup and spaghetti and were very sad until the post office opened.[1]

Burney / Burney Falls Camp Store

  • Good options at the Burney grocery store. We got some frozen Annie's burritos/enchilladas at the camp store and microwaved them. Also plenty of junk food resupply, but can be expensive.[1]

Mt. Shasta / Dunsmuir / Ammarati's Market

  • Ammarati's Market: Send a box. Okay snacks, beers, and a passable junk food resupply option. Recommend hitching to Mt. Shasta or Dunsmuir.[1]
  • Dunsmuir: Has some pretty good restaurants with passable vegan options.
  • Mt. Shasta: Has a fantastic co-op with great vegan options in the cafe (vegan ruben!), as well as all that you would want in the market, but is VERY expensive.[1]


  • Has a small-ish grocery with some vegan options, produce. The cafe on the corner is nice, and the brew pub had a vegan option on the menu and excellent local brews.[1]

Seiad Valley

  • The general store had an impressive array of ramen flavors including Chili flavor which was new to us. But otherwise it was not a good resupply stop.[1]



  • Lots of vegan grocery stores and restaurants.[3]
  • No need for box. Super awesome co-op, vegan food everywhere.[1]

Fish Lake Resort

  • Tater tots and beer. Some basic items at the store (ramen and oats).[1]

Mazama Village Store

  • Send a box. The restaurant had okay vegan/vegetarian options, but expensive.[1]
  • The restaurant had vegan options but they were disappointing. Not worth the price.[1]

Shelter Cove Resort

  • Send a box. The store had almost no vegan options.[1]

Elk Lake Resort

  • Good huevos rancheros at the restaurant - subbed potatoes instead of eggs and it came with tons of vegetables and acovado. Vegan lunch wasn't so great, we ended up with just hummus and pita[1]

Sisters & Bend

  • Lots of food available in Bend, no need to send box. Veggie burger, beer and hot tub at McMenamins, lots of Thai places, etc.[1]

Big Lake Youth Camp

  • Donation-based vegetarian buffet.[3]

Olallie Lake Resort

  • Good cold drinks and some snack foods. In 2015 they had newer owners and a lot of backpacking snacks. You could do a ramen/oats resupply here.[1]

Timberline Lodge

  • Definitely send box. The Blue Ox in the basement was open until 11 pm and made us individual vegan pizzas. We slept out nearby and came back for the breakfast buffet. We explained we were vegan and they made us a veggie tofu scramble that was enormous and totally vegan and the best breakfast I had the whole trail. Lots of coffee and fruit too. We had a box sent here for resupply.[1]

Cascade Locks Ale House

  • Cascade Locks Ale House is SO nice to hikers and made us a vegan pizza no problem. We ordered extra italian dressing and pizza sauce for dipping. [1]
  • Probably send a box. Grocery store is better than a gas station but minimal, although they do have pints of vegan ice cream! Sometimes there are booths selling fruit near the Bridge of the Gods.[1]


Trout Lake

  • Send a box. The general store has bare minimum - ramen and oats. Found good huckleberry lemonade and wood-fired pizza without cheese.[1]

White Pass / Packwood

  • White Pass: Send a box if not hitching.[1]
  • Packwood: Maybe send a box. The store was so accommodating and made awesome & affordable vegan sandwiches. We got a big pizza without cheese. Plenty of vegan snacks, better than a gas station. [1]

Snoqualmie Pass

  • Send box. There's a great vegan curry at the Aardvark food truck. Make sure to check both hiker boxes (one at gas station and one at hotel). We don't recommend the restaurant at the hotel. Some snack options at the gas station and small grocery down the road.[1]

Leavenworth / Skykomish

  • Send a box. There's a Safeway in Leavenworth if you want to hitch. Lots of traffic going both ways on Highway 2.[1]
  • Skykomish: Some basic options at the gas station and the convenience store across the road.[1]


  • Definitely send a box. Really good salad, bread at the bakery. Hummus sandwich was great.[1]