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OpenLongTrails recognizes that what does and does not qualify as a "long trail" is open to interpretation. OpenLongTrails currently considers the following characteristics as a flexible guide:

The trail...

  1. at least 80 kilometers (50 miles) long.
  2. ...involves minimal road walks.
  3. mostly completed.
  4. mostly in wild areas with natural earth for trail surface.
  5. primarily a hiking trail and is designed for foot traffic.
  6. ...can be completed without substantial mountaineering skills or pack rafting.
  7. not under regulations that require hiking with guides.

See the List of Other Noteworthy Trails for trails that do not meet all of the OpenLongTrails Long Trails Criteria but remain of interest to the long distance nature trails community.

See the List of Trails to Review for trails that have yet to be evaluated to determine whether they fit the OpenLongTrails Long Trails Criteria.

Trails that have been evaluated and do not fit the OpenLongTrails criteria are on the list Trails Not Included in OpenLongTrails.

Trail Name Length (km / mi) Continent Country Region / State / Province
Allegheny Trail 461 km (286 mi) North America USA Virginia (Western)
Alta Via 2 99 km (62 mi) Europe Italy
Annandale Way 90 km (56 mi) Europe Scotland
Appalachian High Route 531 km (330 mi) North America USA USA (Eastern)
Appalachian National Scenic Trail 3,524 km (2,190 mi) North America USA USA (Eastern)
Arctic Circle Trail 201 km (125 mi) North America Greenland North of the Arctic Circle
Arizona Highline Trail 86 km (53 mi) North America USA USA (Southwest)
Arizona National Scenic Trail 1,287 km (800 mi) North America USA USA (Southwest)
Arran Coastal Way 106 km (66 mi) Europe Scotland
Australian Alps Walking Track 655 km (407 mi) Australia Australia Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
Ayrshire Coastal Path 160 km (99 mi) Europe Scotland
Backbone Trail 107 km (66 mi) North America USA California
Baker Trail 215 km (134 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Bartram Trail 125 km (78 mi) North America USA USA (Southeastern)
Bay Area Ridge Trail 885 km (550 mi) North America USA California
Bay Circuit Trail 321 km (199 mi) North America USA Massachusetts
Benton MacKaye Trail 482 km (300 mi) North America USA USA (Southeastern)
Bibbulmun Track 1,002 km (623 mi) Australia Australia Western Australia
Big Bend 100 160 km (99 mi) North America USA Texas
Big SEKI Loop 249.5 km (155 mi) North America USA California (Central)
Bigfoot Trail 579 km (360 mi) North America USA California (Northern)
Black Canyon Trail 131 km (81 mi) North America USA Arizona
Blue Mountains Trail 852.9 km (530 mi) North America USA Oregon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail 160 km (99 mi) North America USA Utah
Border Route Trail 104 km (65 mi) North America USA Minnesota (Northern)
Boundary Trail 85 km (53 mi) North America USA Washington
Bruce Trail 885 km (550 mi) North America Canada Ontario (Southern)
Buckeye Trail 2,323 km (1,443 mi) North America USA Ohio
Buller Huts Trail 100 km (62 mi) Australia Australia Victoria
California Coastal Trail (incomplete) 1,979 km (1,230 mi) North America USA California
Canol Heritage Trail 354 km (220 mi) North America Canada Canada (Northwestern)
Cape to Cape Track 133 km (83 mi) Australia Australia Western Australia
Cape Wrath Trail 321 km (199 mi) Europe Scotland
Carnarvon Great Walk 87 km (54 mi) Australia Australia Queensland
Cascades to Caves Monument Route 128 km (80 mi) North America USA Oregon
Cateran Trail 102 km (63 mi) Europe Scotland
Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route 180 km (112 mi) Europe France, Switzerland
Chinook Trail (incomplete) 482 km (300 mi) North America USA Pacific Northwest
Cohos Trail 260 km (162 mi) North America USA New Hampshire (Northern)
Colorado Trail 912 km (567 mi) North America USA Colorado
Condor Trail 643 km (400 mi) North America USA California (Southern)
Conservation Trail 275 km (171 mi) North America USA New York
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail 4,922 km (3,058 mi) North America USA USA (Western)
Cooloola Great Walk 100 km (62 mi) Australia Australia Queensland
Cordillera Blanca Traverse 405 km (252 mi) South America Peru
Cranberry Lake 50 80 km (50 mi) North America New York New York (Northeastern)
Croatian Long Distance Trail 2,253 km (1,400 mi) Europe Croatia
Cumberland Trail (incomplete) 531 km (330 mi) North America USA Tennessee
Donut Hole Trail 143 km (89 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Drakensberg Grand Traverse 204 km (127 mi) Africa Lesotho Lesotho (Eastern)
E1 7,982 km (4,960 mi) Europe
E2 4,848 km (3,012 mi) Europe
E3 6,952 km (4,320 mi) Europe
E4 10,449 km (6,493 mi) Europe
E5 3,199 km (1,988 mi) Europe
E6 3,088 km (1,919 mi) Europe
E7 6,070 km (3,772 mi) Europe
E8 1,409 km (876 mi) Europe
E9 4,988 km (3,099 mi) Europe
E10 2,879 km (1,789 mi) Europe
E11 4,699 km (2,920 mi) Europe
E12 1,799 km (1,118 mi) Europe
Eagle Walk, The 413 km (257 mi) Europe Austria Tirol
East Coast Trail 334 km (208 mi) North America Canada
East Highland Way 133 km (83 mi) Europe Scotland
Eastern Continental Trail 8,690 km (5,400 mi) North America USA, Canada
Fife Coastal Path 188 km (117 mi) Europe Scotland
Finger Lakes Trail 1,528 km (949 mi) North America USA New York
Florida National Scenic Trail 2,414 km (1,500 mi) North America USA Florida
Foothills Trail 123 km (76 mi) North America USA USA (Southeastern)
Fremont Trail 215 km (134 mi) North America USA Oregon (Southern)
Fundy Trek 140 km (87 mi) North America Canada New Brunswick
Golan Trail 123 km (76 mi) Asia Israel
Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk 110 km (68 mi) Australia Australia Queensland
GR10 854 km (531 mi) Europe France France (Southwestern)
GR11 168 km (104 mi) Europe France
GR20 178 km (111 mi) Europe Corsica
GR34 1,699 km (1,056 mi) Europe France France (Western)
GR R2 133 km (83 mi) Africa Africa Reunion Island
Grand Enchantment Trail 1,239 km (770 mi) North America USA USA (Southwestern)
Grande Traversée des Alpes 598 km (372 mi) Europe France France (Alps)
Grande Traversata delle Alpi 997 km (620 mi) Europe Italy Piedmont
Great Divide Trail 999 km (621 mi) North America Canada
Great Glen Way 125 km (78 mi) Europe Scotland
Great Himalaya Trail 4,506 km (2,800 mi) Asia Nepal
Great North Walk 250 km (155 mi) Australia Australia New South Wales
Great Ocean Walk 104 km (65 mi) Australia Australia Victoria
Great South West Walk 251 km (156 mi) Australia Australia Victoria
Great Western Trail 7,169 km (4,455 mi) North America USA USA (Western)
Greater Patagonian Trail 2,092 km (1,300 mi) South America Patagonia
Guadalupe Ridge Trail 160 km (99 mi) North America USA USA (Southern)
Hadrian's Wall Path 135 km (84 mi) Europe England England (Northern)
Hayduke 1,306 km (812 mi) North America USA
Heysen Trail 1,200 km (746 mi) Australia Australia South Australia
High Coast Trail 129 km (80 mi) Europe Sweden
High Sierra Trail 114 km (71 mi) North America California California (Sierra Nevada Mountains)
Horse-Shoe Trail 225 km (140 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Hot Springs Trail 3,606 km (2,241 mi) North America USA
Ice Age National Scenic Trail 1,931 km (1,200 mi) North America USA Wisconsin
Idaho Centennial Trail 1,448 km (900 mi) North America USA Idaho
Inland Northwest Trail 2,414 km (1,500 mi) North America USA Washington & Idaho
International Appalachian Trail 3,057 km (1,900 mi) North America USA, Canada
Israel Trail 1,023 km (636 mi) Asia Israel
Issyk Kol Trail Network 814 km (506 mi) Asia Kyrgyzstan
John Muir Trail 339 km (211 mi) North America USA California
Jordan Trail 643 km (400 mi) Asia Jordan
Knobstone Trail 93 km (58 mi) North America USA Indiana
Kungsleden (The King's Trail) 434 km (270 mi) Europe Sweden Sweden (Northern)
K'gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk 120 km (75 mi) Australia Australia Queensland
Lakes to Ocean Trail 4,828 km (3,000 mi) North America USA USA (Eastern)
Larapinta Trail 230 km (143 mi) Australia Australia Northern Territory
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail 113 km (70 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Lebanon Mountain Trail 470 km (292 mi) Europe Lebanon
Lone Star Hiking Trail 154 km (96 mi) North America USA Texas
Long Crossing of Norway's Lofoten Islands, The 159 km (99 mi) Europe Norway
Long Path 576 km (358 mi) North America USA New York
Long Trail 439 km (273 mi) North America USA Vermont
Lowest to Highest 217 km (135 mi) North America USA California
Loyalsock Trail 94 km (58 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Lycian Way 498 km (309 mi)+ Europe Turkey Turkey (Southwestern)
Maah Daah Hey Trail 231 km (144 mi) North America USA North Dakota
Maclehose Trail 100 km (62 mi) Asia Hong Kong
Manaslu Circuit 251 km (156 mi) Asia Nepal
Mark O. Hatfield Trail 96 km (60 mi) North America USA Oregon
Mason-Dixon Trail 320 km (199 mi) North America USA USA (Northeastern)
Massanutten Trail 114 km (71 mi) North America United States Virginia
Metacomet-Monadnock Trail 183 km (114 mi) North America USA USA (Northeastern)
Metolius-Windigo Trail 193 km (120 mi) North America USA Oregon
Mogollon Rim Trail 804 km (500 mi) North America USA USA (Southwestern)
Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail 482 km (300 mi) North America USA California
Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway 80 km (50 mi) North America USA New Hampshire
Mountains to Sea Trail 1,890 km (1,174 mi) North America USA North Carolina
Namparang Trail 1,470 km (913 mi) Asia South Korea
Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail 146 km (91 mi) North America Canada New Brunswick
New England National Scenic Trail 346 km (215 mi) North America USA New England (Southern)
North Country National Scenic Trail 7,402 km (4,599 mi) North America USA USA (Northern)
North Sea Trail 5,999 km (3,728 mi) Europe Northern Europe
North-South Trail 123 km (76 mi) North America USA Rhode Island
North Umpqua Trail 127 km (79 mi) North America USA Oregon
Northern New Mexico Loop 804 km (500 mi) North America USA New Mexico
Northville Placid Trail 222 km (138 mi) North America USA New York
Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla Hiking Route 370 km (230 mi) Europe Estonia
Ocean to Lake Trail 101 km (63 mi) North America USA Florida
Oregon Coast Trail 643 km (400 mi) North America USA Oregon
Oregon Desert Trail 683 km (424 mi) North America USA Oregon
Ouachita Trail 358 km (222 mi) North America USA Arkansas and Oklahoma
Outeniqua Trail 109 km (68 mi) Africa South Africa Garden Route National Park, Western Cape
Ozark Highlands Trail 350 km (217 mi) North America USA Arkansas (Northwestern)
Ozark Trail 589 km (366 mi) North America USA Missouri
Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail 4,264 km (2,650 mi) North America USA USA (Western)
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail 1,931 km (1,200 mi) North America USA Pacific Northwest
Padjelanta Trail 137 km (85 mi) Europe Sweden
Palmetto Trail 804 km (500 mi) North America USA South Carolina
Pennsylvania Mid-State Trail 526 km (327 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Pinhoti Trail 545 km (339 mi) North America USA Alabama & Georgia
Pyrenean High Route 804 km (500 mi) Europe Spain & France
Quehanna Trail 120 km (75 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Rheinsteig 320 km (199 mi) Europe Germany West Germany
Rideau Trail 386 km (240 mi) North America Canada Ontario
Rim of Africa 650 km (404 mi) Africa South Africa
River to River Trail 257 km (160 mi) North America USA Illinois (Southern)
Sheltowee Trace 535 km (332 mi) North America USA USA (Eastern)
Shore-to-Shore Trail 354 km (220 mi) North America USA Michigan (Northern)
Sierra High Route 313 km (194 mi) North America USA California
Siskiyou Peaks Trail 720 km (447 mi) North America USA California & Oregon
Sky Islands Traverse 836 km (519 mi) North America USA Arizona (Southeastern)
Skyline Trail 111 km (69 mi) North America USA New Mexico
Slovenian Mountain Trail 617 km (383 mi) Europe Slovenia
South Coast Track 85 km (53 mi) Australia Australia Tasmania
South Dakota Centennial Trail 197 km (122 mi) North America USA South Dakota
Southeast Serpentine Trail 938 km (583 mi) North America USA Southeast USA
St. Paul Trail 498 km (309 mi) Europe Turkey
Standing Stone Trail 128 km (80 mi) North America USA Pennsylvania
Sunshine Coast Trail 180 km (112 mi) North America Canada British Columbia
Superior Hiking Trail 498 km (309 mi) North America USA Minnesota
Tahoe Rim Trail 265 km (165 mi) North America USA California
Tahoe-Yosemite Trail 299 km (186 mi) North America USA California
Te Araroa 2,896 km (1,799 mi) Oceania New Zealand
Theodore Solomons Trail 436 km (271 mi) North America USA California
Tuscarora Trail 405 km (252 mi) North America USA USA (Eastern)
Trans Adirondack Route 386 km (240 mi) North America USA New York
Transcaucasian Trail 2,999 km (1,863 mi)+ Asia Western Asia / Eastern Europe Georgia, Armenia, & Azerbaijan
Uinta Highline Trail 167 km (104 mi) North America USA Utah (Northeastern)
Vancouver Island Trail 800 km (497 mi) North America Canada British Columbia
Via Alpina 4,998 km (3,106 mi)+ Europe Southern Europe
Via Dinarica 1,931 km (1,200 mi) Europe Southern Europe
Western Rim Trail 86 km (53 mi) North America USA Oregon (Northeastern)
Wilson Trail 78 km (48 mi) Asia Hong Kong
Wonderland Trail 149 km (93 mi) North America USA Washington